Our Story

VWR Capital Corp. traces its roots back to the early 1990s when our founder and current President, Dougal Shewan, saw the opportunity to establish a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC). Inspired by his passion for urban land economics, finance and the mortgage industry, Dougal felt that the time was right to put his extensive real estate experience to work in a new venture offering alternative mortgage financing.

VWR proved to be an attractive investment vehicle for investors seeking both capital preservation and above-average returns, and quickly grew to over 50 investors. Shortly thereafter, Dougal merged VWR with Mahogany, another successful MIC he started, to create the VWR Capital Corp. we have today.

From the initial investment of $350,000, VWR now has a portfolio of over $200 million in mortgages under administration across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. As we have expanded our geographical reach, we have made a strong commitment to working with the best service providers to ensure that we continue to deliver industry-leading service to mortgage brokers and attractive returns to our investors.