VWR Capital Corp | FAQ for Investors | CanadaABOUT VWR CAPITAL CORP.

How long has VWR Capital Corp. been in existence?

We started in 1993, so we’ve been around for over 20 years.

What is your historical performance?

Over the 20 years since VWR Capital Corp. was established our average rate of return, assuming reinvestment of distribution into shares, has been 10.59%.

Is VWR Capital Corp. Audited?

Yes. VWR Capital Corp. is audited at the end of every fiscal year by an independent accounting firm. The audited financial statements are then made available to all our investors. The accounting firm that performed the audit attends our annual general meeting of shareholders and will answer any questions investors may have relating to the audit.

Who are your managers and how experienced are they?

We have a highly experienced management team. Please [see our team page…] for details.

How do you create deal flow?

Our in-house team includes a marketing manager and business development managers. We market VWR Capital Corp. as a private lender in the provinces where we operate.

Are you specialized in a specific market?

Yes. We are 100% focused on the residential market.

How does VWR Capital Corp. diversify its investments to protect investors?

We invest across five provinces (BC, AB, SK, MB and ON) and in a variety of residential mortgage types and properties to ensure a diverse portfolio. Before considering an investment in VWR Capital Corp. please request a copy of VWR’s Offering Memorandum that details the risk associated with an investment. Mortgage investments are not guaranteed, returns may fluctuate, and past performance may not be repeated.

Can I call VWR Capital Corp. to ask about decisions that have been made?

Certainly. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any issues you may have about our operations and investments. Please call the team toll-free at 1.866.907.5407.

Is my investment secure?

Our investments are backed by physical assets (the properties that we provide mortgages on) to a maximum loan to value of 75%. This provides an added level of security that many other financial instruments rarely have.

We carefully assess each mortgage that we fund, with our shareholders’ security as the primary concern. Furthermore, the short-term nature of our mortgages (usually 12 months) acts as a hedge against interest rate risk and volatility in the real estate market. Please read our Offering Memorandum which outlines investor risks.

How can I redeem my shares?

To redeem some or all of your shares you must send VWR Capital Corp. a request for redemption. Details on redemptions can be found in our Offering Memorandum. You can also call us toll-free at 1.866.907.5407 to discuss the redemption process.

Can I invest through a registered fund?

Yes. VWR shares are an eligible investment option for most registered investments (e.g. RRSPs, LIRAs, LIFs). Contact our office toll-free at 1.866.907.5407 for more information.

How do you report results?

Our corporate affairs are governed by the Business Corporations Act (British Columbia). It stipulates that we must provide our shareholders with audited financial statements for each financial year. These are sent to all shareholders in connection with our annual general meeting of shareholders. Accompanying the audited financial statements, we also send a letter to shareholders reporting on our previous year’s business and performance.

Our shareholder newsletter also includes current news on our business. Contact Marni for more information.