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How to Invest in VWR Capital Corp.

Investing in VWR Capital Corp. is a simple process, but one that you need to take time to consider. Your first step should be to call us at 1.866.907.5407 (toll-free) to discuss the opportunity and understand what VWR Capital Corp. can offer you.

Our shares are sold under the Offering Memorandum exemption which is prepared annually with proposed quarterly closing dates. If we do not require funds in a given quarter, we may not have an offering.

Offering Memorandum

Our Offering Memorandum describes VWR Capital Corp. as an investment vehicle and includes the names and backgrounds of our management team, together with relevant information on taxation. It also includes a warning statement explaining the risks of investing.

[Download our latest Offering Memorandum…]

Subscription Agreement

Another important document for investors is our Subscription Agreement, which specifies the commitments that the subscriber and VWR Capital Corp. agree to as part of the purchase of shares in VWR Capital Corp.

[Download our Subscription Agreement…]

Investing through Self-Directed Plans

VWR Capital Corp. is an eligible investment vehicle for self-directed RRSPs and other registered investment plans. To initiate an investment in VWR, the investor simply instructs their trustee to deposit funds on their behalf into VWR Capital Corp.’s trust account. The trustee will then receive the share certificates and holds these on behalf of the shareholder.

Self-Directed RRSP Request Forms:

Self-Directed Plans Allowing MIC Shares:

Call us today at 1.866.907.5407 (toll-free) to find out more about investing in VWR Capital Corp.

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